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Making Lemonade in Cape May, NJ

By Judy Ann Subach

Sometimes, plans don't go as planned and the weather won't cooperate. That was the case during the First State Travelers' May rally, a 5-day campout at Sun Retreats Cape May – Wildwood. Despite the setbacks, our members know how to have a great time in a tough environment.

Four coaches signed up to go to Cape May. As fate would have it stuff happens. One booked the wrong date and another coach broke down on their way home from Goshen. Weather you ask? That was a very windy subject. Did I mention it was cold? Oh, and some rain too. In spite of mother nature we still had a very good time. Here are some highlights:

  • We drove out to Cape May Point to see the lighthouse and how much of the concrete ship was left. Not much.

  • We found Higbee Beach. Not much sand. I think the angry ocean had something to do with that.

  • Flight Deck Diner was the choice for lunch while visiting Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum. Great display of aircraft, boats, bombs and other memorabilia. The base was a training facility for dive bomber squadrons that would fight in the Pacific between 1943 & 1945. Forty-two airmen died in training exercises. Many people don’t even know this base is here.

  • We walked the Washington Street Mall, rode along the promenade and checked out the beautiful Victorian houses.

  • Due to the weather, we visited Cape May Courthouse, Avalon and Wildwood by car. So much to see and do all along this stretch of the Jersey shore.

As you can see, our small numbers and the horrible weather didn't keep us from enjoying our time together. Friendship and fun make it all worthwhile. And that's how First State Travelers make delicious lemonade from lemons!

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